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Sunday, July 21, 2002
In what seems to be an increasingly common use of my time on the weekends, I found myself once again spending a good chunk of the day fixing yet another broken computer here in the den. Even though we have three computers in here, it can prove to be a major source of annoyance when one of them is down, since that often means that the other two are pretty much constantly occupied. It also means that I end up being the one who has to fix everything. This time around, it ended up requiring a motherboard swap (something, it seems, that I've had plenty of practice with as of late.) I figured as long as I was replacing the motherboard, I might as well put in the new CPU (a 1.3 Duron) I've been hanging onto for a while now. Along with this, I also installed a new HSF unit, which makes the computer sound a lot less like a jet engine at close range and more like a vacuum cleaner. Maybe this will make up for my now eerily quiet main machine moved out of it's overclocker's case?
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