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Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Recently at work, we have begun to use SAP for the validation of invoices created by the system we are working on. This may be the first application that I have ever used that appears to be designed primarily for the purpose of requiring expensive consultants to run it. For example, say you want to print an invoice:

How you would print an invoice in most applications:

-Open the Invoice.

-Hit the "Print" button.

-Watch invoice print.

How to print an invoice in SAP:

-Open SAP.

-Type in VF02" to bring up the appropriate screen to select an invoice.

-Enter the ten-digit invoice number. If you're lucky, the invoice actually shows up.

-When the invoice is on screen, select the "Header" menu and select "Output". This brings up a form with several complex-looking data entry fields.

-Select a blank field and type in some code like "ZSI2" or "Z4SP", depending on the type of invoice being printed, and the desired output. Hope you didn't select the "spam half the company" option.

-Double-click the field you just entered, and type "LOCAL" in the Logical Destination box to ensure that your invoice doesn't end up printing in some dark alley in Singapore.

-Once this is done, click the "Further data" button.

-Select a Dispatch time of "4" to tell SAP to print the invoice sometime during this millennium.

-After all this is done, click the "Back" button three times, start chanting "There's no place like home," and finally click the save button. If you did this all correctly, you'll get a printout of your invoice. If you didn't, you probably faxed your credit card info to some WaReZ d00dZ in Czechloslovakia.

It's good to see that applications are getting to be more user friendly these days.

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