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Thursday, September 19, 2002
Tonight, I went with my parents to the Mariners game against the Rangers. In what seems to have recently become something of a habit (for the last three games at least) the M's managed to win in extra innings. Whether this is because they can't seem to score runs any other time, or whether they're trying to run some sort of special "Ten innings for the price of nine" deal to try and drum up some business remains to be seen. Theoretically, the Mariners are still in some sort of pennant race, although it would probably require not only a major hot streak, but some serious choking on the part of Anaheim and Oakland, neither of whom appear particularly inclined toward choking at this point. In spite of all this, it's still fun to take the trip out to the ballpark, especially when you can come up with good seats. It pays to have some connections.

Currently, most of the baseball I watch involves the Mariners, primarily because they're the local team around here, and also to some extent because they're the most accessible (with most of their games available on TV). I've also been a Braves fan for most of my life, dating back to the days of such legends as Ken Oberkfell, Pascual Perez and Steve Bedrosian... Oh yeah, and some guy named Dale Murphy. Somewhere in my room, I still have an '83 Donruss card signed by Murph, framed with the letter it came with. Since then, I have acquired several more Murphy autographed items, including a signed bat I spent $125 for on an impulse buy at the All star Fanfest last year. Chances are that he's not going to make the Hall of Fame, but he is certainly my favorite ballplayer of all time. I suppose that because of him (and because around 1991 or so the Braves managed to actually start playing decent) I also still hold some loyalty to the Braves.

Even so, lately I've found myself taking some interest in football. This is interesting to me, in part since I've never really had much interest in it before, and in part because I would probably never actually go to a football game, nor would I be likely to ever sit down and watch an entire football game on TV. What I do find myself taking interest in is the commentary, analysis and various punditry that occurs after the games have been played. There's no particular team that I root for in the NFL (and no, the Seahawks aren't worth rooting for. I think their fancy new stadium should have the slogan "Everything but football" and that Mike Holmgren should be working on his resume around now.) I just read the commentary for the most part from a disinterested perspective for the most part. I have a hard time doing that with baseball, since I have at least a couple of teams that I tend to root for (but mostly just heckle when they do bad.)

Something tells me that trying to watch sports from an analytical point of view is something that is generally not looked upon favorably by the jumping yelling fanatic types of sports fans (read: my sister,) but that's why I generally try to watch the games from the yuppie seats.
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