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Thursday, November 14, 2002
I suppose I should actually write in this thing every once in a while. Lately it has occurred to me that it might be a good idea (for theraputic reasons that elude me at the present time) to make a list of the things over which I have no control over in my life. Since I seem to ramble too much, I'll write these one entry at a time.

The first thing I have no control over in my life is combs. Specifically, I have absolutely no control over how many combs I have on hand at any given point in time. It seems that I have a collection comprised of an indeterminate number of combs, each of which seems to appear and disappear at will, completely impervious to my efforts to keep them where I can find them. At times, I will be hard pressed to find a comb at all, sometimes having to resort to using one of my sisters' hairbrushes (which is only marginally less annoying than running out of shampoo and having to use their stuff. Who was it that decided that various tropical fruits had beneficial effects when applied to hair anyway? I admit that I'm not a biochemist or anything like that, but it all seems kind of arbitrary if you ask me.)

At other times, all the combs in this spurious collection of mine will somehow all appear at once, as if to mate and to herald in a new generation of combs, most of which will be scattered temporarily to the four winds until the time when they are gathered once more. It happens in cycles, unpredictable though they may be, and over which I have absolutely no control. At times I will have no idea where the heck all my combs are, and at other times, I will have no less than four combs to choose from. If I were particularly obsessive, this might wreak havoc on my morning routine. Fortunately I'm not, and I can usually select a comb with which to face the day in less than an hour. Eventually, most of the combs will wander back to where it is that they go to hide, and if I'm lucky, I will still have one to use.

It's not exactly the kind of thing that results in expensive therapy bills, but it sure doesn't seem like a very good thing for ones mental health. More of these to come.
Very well.
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