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Tuesday, November 19, 2002
While watching the news tonight, there was a story (complete with a live on-the-scene report) of the latest new Krispy Kreme donut shop to open in Burlington Washington, approximately fifty miles north of here. A raher sizeable crowd is already camping out in front op the shop, awaiting the chance to be among the first in line. This is the second Krispy Kreme to open in the Puget Sound Area, with the first having opened about a year ago in Issaquah. about ten miles down the road from here, and about two blocks from the Microsoft Samammish campus where I spent the summer testing software. This meant that Krispy Kremes ended up being breakfast about twice a week. This also means that after a while, I got really really sick of the things. I guess it's one of those things where you're supposed to just smile, nod, and go order a couple dozen more for no apparent reason.

When the Issaquah donut shop opened, there was plenty of fanfare to accompany it, almost none of which was generated by Krispy Kreme. Somehow, the opening became a major media event, and for lack of much else to talk about at the time, every major news outlet in town was there with the remote broadcast trucks. For weeks afterward, there were lines stretching all the way around the building. About two weeks after the grand opening, I was down in the area, and partially out of curiosity, and partially because I seem to have unintentionally made it a hobby to stand in long lines for no apparent reason, I decided to grab a dozen or two to find out what was so good about the things. I ended up standing in line for nearly an hour on a Saturday evening. At the end of the line, there was... Donuts. Well, they were slightly expensive donuts, and they probably contained enough sugary stuff to send a whole daycare flying up the walls, but they were still donuts. They don't seem like the kind of thing to be camping out overnight for.

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