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Wednesday, December 25, 2002
It's Christmas morning, and time for another one of the somwhat dubious traditions of the season. We call it the Annual Safeway Christmas Parade. Our house is located just above a fairly large strip mall type shopping center. For most of the year, the trees manage to obscure the view of the large parking lot for the most part, but during the Winter, we can see it quite well. Safeway (a grocery store, for those unfamiliar with the name) is one of the anchor stores of the center, and is normally open 24 hours a day.... Except for Christmas. Every year at Christmas, we can count on a steady stream of cars coming into the otherwise abandoned parking lot, drive past Safeway, and realize it's closed. In fact, some even get out of the car and try to go in, just to make sure. A time or two, we've even seen someone run into the locked automatic door.

Anyway, time to go watch A Christmas Story for thirteen hours straight...
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