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Friday, January 03, 2003
(Note: I wrote this on my new Dell Axim PocketPC, using mostly the largely untrained transcriber for letter recognition. Any typos, for once in my lifetime, are quite likely not my fault.)

I am writing this on my newest toy, a Dell Axim. Apparently. I need to teach This thing how io recognize My lousy handwriting. I've spent the last fifteen minutes trying to get this thing to recognize a sentence about how well it can handle my writing out of the box, but ten different attempts resulted in incredible amounts of gibberish.

I'm sure that if I spend enough time mesing with this, it wil improve. For now, I'll just stick with the on-screen keyboard. The transcriber seems to be particularly sensitive to stuff like bumps and things other than the stylus tapping the screen. Of course, my penmanship leaves a lot to be desired. I imagine that it must be quite a challenge For the programmers to Figure out how to get these things to be able to decipher all the Crappy writing that People pass off as input. If for some reason, it looks like I'm trying to capitalize stuff at random, it's actually just the inability of the thing to discern between Caps and uppercase letters.

Other than the obvious learning curve (For both myself and the machine,) I think that I should be able to find plenty of use for one of these things. I bought this so J could use it for school, to take notes in class and be able to use them in the computer. To be perfectly honest, this thing also happens to be a rather neat toy. This Axim came highly recommended On the Pocket PC Forums, and for the price I paid For this, I'd say that I got a good deal.

I'll post a more comprehensive review of this thing later. And chances are that will actually be typed out on the computer. Were l to try writing it on this thing, it might take a week.
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