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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
After some further reading, it appears that some people were a little more impressed than I was with the Roomba. It is interesting to note that a more favorable opinion of the product can be gleaned from a couple of articles found on the web (inadvertently, in the course of browsing for stuff on an unrelated topic) than can be derived from a 30-minute hubris-laden infomercial. In particular, seeing a video of little more than just the Roomba in action, without hype-laden commentary in the background, proves to be far more informative about the way the product functions. It turns out there's a whole heck of a lot of R&D behind this oversized floor-sweeping hockey puck, and in spite of a few inherent limitations in its design, it seems that it can actually do a halfway decent job of cleaning a floor, as long as you pick up all the big stuff first. At $200, it certainly is an intriguing product, but I think I'll have to leave such items to the well-funded gadget freaks for now, and be content as a modestly funded gadget freak.
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