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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Uh... Yeah. The world (well, the Blogosphere, at least) has been, well, blogging like there's no tomorrow for the last month or so, while this one sits here gathering dust for months at a time. Given current events, the excuses for such inactivity tend to be few and far between. In fact, about the only one remaining is laziness. I suppose I could concoct some fanciful tale of aliens, a government conspiracy and something to do with miscellaneous tropical fruit that somehow ends up explaining yet another prolonged period of Blog neglect, but the Net seems to be saturated with half-baked nutball conspiracy theory stuff at the present time. Maybe the next time I conveniently forget to blog for months...

Of course, the stated political-free nature of this particular Blog tends to reduce the amount of available subject matter at my disposal significantly. These days, just about anyone can write a political Blog. All you really need to do is regurgitate various news sources from the Net, insert a pithy comment or two, then repeat the process roughly 20 times a day. If you're feeling a little more ambitious, you can add a comments section. This usually results in a proliferation of trolls, which have to eventually be weeded out. This also tends to result in a five-figure bandwidth bill each month, so you're probably going to need to throw up a little side business selling T-shirts or something. You also throw up one of those Paypal links so you can guilt people into chipping in a few bucks for the bandwidth bill when you run out of T-shirts.

There are people who actually do a pretty good job of this. In fact, I find that Blogs are actually a convenient source of distilled news, which is much quicker than wading through the flotsam and jetsam of the "Mainstream" news sites. On the other hand, I've yet to see one of these sites without an obvious political slant, and many of these are rather shameless about it. Generally, It takes all of about three seconds to determine a site's bias. Since the War in Iraq started, there ave about four or five sites I've been reading for news and commentary. Of the ones I read, Instapundit is probably the best pure news site. USS Clueless and Buggy Professor have pretty good commentary. LGF is usually good too, but I recommend this one with the proverbial grain of salt, since even though I consider myself to be a stauch conservative, I tend to think some of the comment posters (as well as some of the front-page stories) tend to be a little too far to the right, and a few of them are almost as intolerant as the radical leftists they mock endlessly. Of course, the one Blog I read on a daily basis (and quite possibly the funniest columnist on the Net) would have to be James Lileks. Who would have known that writing about the trials and tribulations of raising a two-year-old could make for interesting daily material to write about? Someday, about twenty years down the road, Gnat is going to be very lucky to have a father talented enough to write the Bleat.

Anyway, I'm not dead just yet (give it a few days). I'd say that I intend to write in this thing more often, but chances are that all I'd be doing is contributing pavement to the road to you-know-where in doing so.
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