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Sunday, May 04, 2003
To make a long story short, over the course of the last week my car broke down, my dog ran away, I’m being audited by the IRS, I finally managed to make the FBI's top ten most wanted list for excessive cow tipping, and a horde of rampaging mutant gerbils is currently laying waste to the landscaping in the backyard and overturning the furniture in the living room*. But other than that, it's been pretty much like any other week. The weather around here has been pretty nice over the past week or so. Of course, This generally means one thing: Yard work. And plenty of it.

Currently, our major project is building a foundation for a shed in the yard. This involves putting together a wall with the concrete blocks strewn about all over the yard as a result of several different projects that didn't happen (usually after hours of hard work.) They’ve been sitting around for quite a while now, and as such have become shelters to all manner of various unpleasant creepy-crawlies of various degrees of sharp, pointy teeth and ability to make one's life miserable. Even though the job entails the hauling of probably a hundred of these blocks (which weigh close to 70 pounds each) across the yard, that's not even the hard part of it. In order to ensure that the whole thing doesn't collapse in a heap, the blocks (especially those on the lowest level) have to be placed very carefully to keep things level and straight. It's a lot of work. but once we get this done and the shed is in place (we're having it built by someone else) we can get a significant amount of Junk out of the garage and start working on the old Jetta project car in the driveway.

At this time next week, me, Jared and my Mom and Dad will be in the Pacific Ocean somewhere off the California coast aboard the Star Princess, Probably eating unidentifiable gourmet stuff that no sane person would ever eat and relaxing by some pool or something like that. I guess this means that I can't call my parents Cruise-taking nerds anymore. On the other hand, the main reason they're going on this cruise is to have been on enough cruises to be allowed into the cruise-taking nerd lounge, so maybe I can still get away with it. I am still not completely certain of how l ended up booked on this cruise in the first place, but I'm not complaining.

You know, for a boring, meaningless existence, that's actually quite a bit if stuff going on there. Actually, I guess my life really isn't all that meaningless, all things considered. It probably isn't all that boring either, for that matter.

*Actually, most of that stuff didn't actually happen**. In fact, only one of the occurrences listed above has actually happened in the past week. But the rampaging mutant gerbils are still being really annoying. They're already broken twelve of those little exercise wheels, and it's starting to get expensive to buy 147 pounds of gerbil food every week. By the way, Are gerbils supposed to be able to chew through steel girders?

** Just in case you can't figure it out, yes, the car did break down.

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