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Monday, June 30, 2003
OK, blogging has been light for the past month ar so (Read: virtually none at all.) To some people, light blogging means that they only wrote twelve entries that day. Of course, those bloggers also have tens of thousands of readers, and many have an uncanny ability to get people to send them lots of money to do this. I, on the other hand, Figure that I've got about three readers, and if I was to attempt a PBS-style pledge drive and threaten to blog even less if my semi-adoring public didn't send massive amounts of small, unmarked bills to the phone booth on the corner of 148th and Main, I would be lucky to get 36 cents out of the deal, and there is a good chance someone would send a bill to get me to shut up. ("Let's see... That's a $76.50 hack writer surcharge, and a $47.23 deadbeat Blogger's fee... And we'll gladly take American Express. Oh yeah, don't forget the $4.95 long-winded rant tax...") For that reason, I'll just keep doing things as I have been, although l might throw an occasional guilt trip in for good measure. With hard work, perseverance, and a couple of well-placed bribes, I hope to eventually have five people reading this Blog. Maybe then I can start to hit my readers up for money... And earn a whopping $0.46 in the process.

That aside, right now there hasn't really been a whole lot going on around here. School got out a couple of weeks ago, and I have been interviewing for several different jobs, none of which have resulted in an offer yet. I'm still working on that, and in the meantime, I have started selling stuff on eBay again. Sometimes it amazes me just how much people will pay for stuff. I've been trolling the garage sales on Saturdays, finding items, then reselling them on eBay for significant profits. While a little extra money can be made on the side this way, there's still the hassle of getting all this stuff shipped, not to mention that every step of the way there's someone (eBay, Paypal, the USPS) taking their cut out of it, which does cut significantly into profits. Even so, there is a decent, if modest, amount of money to be made out of this.

Anyway, as the baseball season reaches the halfway point, my fantasy baseball team hovers precariously near the cellars. Owing to last season's poor showing of my team, I believe that I am still owed a competitive balance rant by the commissioner of our league. I suspect that I will be cashing this in shortly, using this Blog as a venue.
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