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Thursday, December 04, 2003
Assuming you are one of the three people who actually reads this blog, you might remember my post from about a year ago (link) about the computers being moved out of the den to make room for one of those large exercise machines. Well, one year later almost to the day, the computers are being moved back into the den, and the exercise equipment is moving out. Right now the plan is that it will be set back up in the dining room that has now been vacated by the computers, but I'm guessing there's a good chance it will make its way into the next garage sale. It also didn't help much that the dining room in question was right over the master bedroom in the house (our house is on the side of a hill, and designed in a way that the entry and main living areas are upstairs and the bedrooms are downstairs) and having a high-traffic room like that in a house full of night owls just wasn't working out very well for those people trying to sleep below.

Somewhere in the process of moving the rooms around, the den ended up being rather... shall we say... maroon. As long as everything was out of this room, it was decided that the room would be painted. Originally the plan was to paint it in a light beige color, similar to what was already in here. Somewhere along the line however, someone wandered into the "Oops! paint" section at the Home Depot (where they put the color mistakes out for sale at reduced prices) and decided to paint one wall in that color. Then they liked the color so much, that ultimately the whole room ended up that color. I reallydon't care much for it myself (I think it makes the room too dark) but I'll learn to deal with it, and probably get some brighter lighting to make up the difference.

On the plus side, the title of this Blog is once again accurate, it would seem.
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