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Saturday, January 03, 2004
Somewhere along the line, it looks like another year disappeared. I managed to somehow avoid paying any attention to the changeover from one year to another, mostly because I was otherwise engaged at the time. Around this house, we actually tend to consider the dropping of the ball in Times Square to be the start of the new year, even though we live three time zones away, partially because their celebration looks better than ours (the Space Needle going off in fireworks is certainly impressive, but Times Square just looks cooler for some reason) and partially because it allows those who are so inclined to go to bed at a reasonable time. I personally could care less, as the whole idea of New Year's Day seems pretty arbitrary if you ask me. Nonetheless, I do have one resolution for this year: I resolve to no longer be driving the car I currently drive by this time next year.

Tonight, several of us went out for something that we call the Taco Bell "Grande Challenge". Basically, what we do is each order a Grande Combo (your choice of 10 tacos, soft tacos or bean burritos, mix and match) and try to eat the whole thing at once. I imagine that having six people walk in at 8:30 at night and each order a grande combo to eat in is the kind of thing that probably gives the person in charge of making all that psychological issues, but they actually took it all in stride. Last time my brother went to go do a Grande challenge, I was waiting at home for the leftovers, and there weren't any from five people (Well, 1 person had 2 left, but they took them home to eat later for some strange reason.)

Owing to some confusion beforehand, I actually made the mistake first of actually eating dinner here beforehand. I then made the further mistake of having seconds. I then found out about an hour later that we would in fact be going for the Grande, and off to the Taco Bell we went. Fortunately, the employees took the deluge of orders in stride (although the person who was unlucky enough to be behind us in line walked out with a bemused expression on his face.) I went for 3 burritos (green sauce), 4 crunchy tacos and 3 soft tacos. When all was said and done, 3 out of the 6 of us that went managed to finish, but I wasn't one of them. I managed 8 and a half before I just about totally lost the ability to eat another bite (although surprisingly enough, I don't feel particularly full, and could probably eat just about anything EXCEPT a soft taco right now.)

And after all was said and done, 6 people managed to eat 54 items total. It might be a while before some of us set foot in a Taco Bell again though. I also don't think we'll be spending $40 at Taco Bell again anytime soon either.

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