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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
I'm mostly not dead...

Hmmm... It appears that I have left my uncharacteristic act of dogblogging up as the top entry on the page for well over a month now. Perhaps I should come up with something else to put up here before I go completely insane and start waxing poetic about kitty cats or something... Unfortunately (or fortunately, dependong on who you asked) thanks to Yet Another Set of Circumstances I Have Yet to Fully Comprehend(TM), we have now ended up taking care of this puppy for an extended period of time (long story, I'll save you the coma.) So far I'm still sane, as is the puppy (although there seems to be an ongoing effort to give the poor thing a nice little identity crisis, as it currently has about three or four different names. My sister calls her Lilly, my other sister calls her Marzipan, and my brother calls her Monza, after the racetrack in Italy (needless to say, they're F1 fans. They're already planning their trip to Cancun in October '06 to see an F1 race that was just announced.) More later, when I'm coherent enough to write readable fluff.

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